Code Of Honor

I always try to live by my code of honor. A man is nothing without his honor. “A sin is to betray your beliefs”.

Honorable life

  • Don’t betray your code of honor.
  • Defend your Bushido way.
  • Live life as a Honorable Man.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Honesty takes courage.
  • Don’t talk without a knowledge to support it.
  • “Don’t argue with the crazy guy”.
  • Always follow your sense of Justice
  • Feel the pain of others.
  • Always put your self in people’s shoe before making any decision.
  • A simple smile goes a long way.
  • There’s no honor in winning by cheating.
  • “If you fall down 7 times make sure to get up 8 times.”
  • Protect your promises.
  • “For a samurai everywhere is Japan.”
  • Holding back is disrespectful to your opponent.
  • Live life in your way.
  • “Respect is earned, not given”, So earn it.
  • “A man is much more than the job he holds and clothes he wears.”


  • Simplicity over Complexity
  • Simple first, then Easy
  • Abstraction, Abstraction, Abstraction
  • Put your conventions layer on top of a well written abstraction
  • Always choose a name for your variables which implies the variable content or usage.
  • Never ever use variable names such as x, a, b, etc.
  • Bugs before new features
  • Docs before new features

Library design

  • Major releases can contain backward incompatible changes.
  • It’s better to use a different code name instead of a major version number change to indicate that there going to be backward incompatible changes.
  • Minor releases shouldn’t break the dependency versions. E.g: X(0.6.0) depends on Python(3.5.x), X(0.7.0) should depends on the same version python

    New Feature Checklist

  • Is it easy to extend the feature ?
  • Is it scalable ?
  • Is it easy to maintain ?
  • Is it well documented ?
  • Does it have the best possible performance ?
  • What about tests ?
  • Is it following the correct coding style ?

Resiliency Checklist

  • Things that might fail:
    • Dependant systems
    • Network
    • External storage
    • Database
    • “The Cloud”

Trading Checklist

  • TBD

Contribute to the Code Of Honor

If you found these codes useful and like to share your values with me, you’re welcome to create a PR on the repository.